The brains behind the operation

Connoisseurs of Monsteiner beer

We brew because of a passion for beer

In Monstein, dreams have nothing to do with pipes. Our dedicated team works hard to make BierVision Monstein AG a reality day in and day out. They channel all their passion, creativity and effort into ensuring our success story keeps being written.

The Monsteiner megastars

Sebastian Degen

CEO, Master Brewer
Favourite beer House beer

Claudia Hintermeister

Administration, Events
Favourite beer Heusträffel

Glen Eichenberger

Driver, Brewery Helper
Favourite beer Heusträffel

Johannes Helm

Favourite beer Steinbock

Marcel Schneider

Favourite beer House beer

Uschi Flury

Brewery Helper
Favourite beer House beer

Executive Board

Hans Peter Hoffmann
Chair of the Executive Board
Hans Laely
Member of the Executive Board
Carlo Wasescha
Member of the Executive Board
Patrick Christen
Member of the Executive Board, Finance
Dominique Anderes
Member of the Executive Board, Legal
Basil Martin
Member of the Executive Board, Marketing/Digital
Local roots

A brewery in the heart of a Walser village.

Sales outlets

Where to find Monsteiner beer

Monsteiner beer is available to buy from various stores throughout eastern Switzerland.

Monsteiner takes its responsibility seriously

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As an independent Swiss brewery, we are committed to ensuring the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. This is why we ask you to confirm that you are over the age of 18 and that you accept our Privacy Policy.