The art of brewing at the highest level

A celebration of hops and malt

The realm of the master brewer

The brewery is in the heart of Monstein, overseen by Sebastian “Basti” Degen. The native Franconian learned the skills required to be a master brewer from scratch and added to his expertise during his years of travelling. He has been the master brewer at Monstein since 2013. He brews all of his beers in accordance with Bavaria’s beer purity law, meaning only four basic ingredients are used: malt, water, hops and yeast. Transforming these four ingredients into a top-quality beer is what the art of brewing is all about.

Quality Swiss hops

The bitter flavour of the hops gives the beer its zesty quality. It also helps to preserve the beer and is responsible for the foam that forms when the beer is poured. Monsteiner speciality beers are made using top-quality hops grown in Switzerland.

Crystal-clear spring water

Beer consists of more than 90% water. This alone shows how essential the water quality is when brewing beer. Monsteiner spring water is crystal clear and rich in calcium, which gives the beer its robust flavour.

Barley malt grown in the mountains by the Gran Alpin cooperative

It is said that malt makes up a beer’s soul. Why? Because it adds flavour and colour depending on how it is roasted. The malt used in Monstein beer is grown organically and is sourced locally where possible. The Gran Alpin label stands for healthy, natural foods grown on alpine farms in the Grisons.

Basti Degen, Head Brewer

“Spring water is something to exalt when you mix it with hops and malt!”

Alpine culture

Living and working at 1,625 m above sea level.

Monstein is a vibrant mountain village with 180 residents – almost as many as it had back in 1689. There is a comprehensive school for the younger children, while adolescents take a bus to school in Davos. Almost half of the residents work in the village where they live. There are plenty of things to do outside work, which brings people close together and makes the village a social place to live.

Local roots

Monsteiner brewery is located in the heart of Monstein, a village settled by the Walser people.

Our beers

Tempting beers and special brewer’s bites

Fruity, full-bodied or zesty: there’s a Monsteiner beer to suit every palate and every occasion. Classic house beer, refreshing wheat beer, strong dark lager or full-flavoured amber beer: every type has its own character. A true masterclass in the art of brewing.

Monsteiner takes its responsibility seriously

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