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Unforgettable beer experiences

Your trip to Monstein will be an unforgettable all-round experience, with beer tastings, seminars and hikes along our special beer route. If you like, you can even take a ride in a vintage bus.

Sunset in Monstein

Every Friday from 4 pm to 7 pm. Beers for sale right from the brewery. A free visit and a pleasant chat over a beer with our brewer.

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The brewer’s aperitif

In our cosy Gambrinus cellar, we’ll be serving our Monsteiner beers (at our discretion) alongside a tasting board of delicious speciality bites featuring brewer’s grains sourced from the brewery.

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The ABCs of beer

During a guided tour of the brewery, you’ll get to know the weird and wonderful ins and outs of beer production, taste the ingredients that go into our beer – and naturally try our Monsteiner beers themselves.

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The brewing seminar

Roll up your sleeves and brew your own Monsteiner beer under the guidance of our master brewer. This hands-on experience of the Monsteiner beer brewing process reveals all about our ingredients and their properties.

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A nostalgic trip to Monsteiner brewery

Get spirited away from the square in Davos to the village of Monstein in a vintage bus with a private chauffeur and guide.

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The Silberberg treasure

Visit the Silberberg mining museum and former mining works. You’ll learn about the everyday lives of the mining folk who called this place home at the beginning of the 19th century.

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Cheeses and brewer’s secrets

You’ll catch a ride on the Jakobshornbahn aerial tramway to Ischalp. From there, you’ll hike for around 30 minutes to the Clavadeler Alp show dairy, where you’ll receive a live demonstration of how the delicious Clavadeler alpine cheese is produced.

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A Bacchanalian tour

A two-day experience that combines beer culture with pure fun. The first highlight of the package is a visit to Monstein brewery, where you’ll get to know the weird and wonderful ins and outs of beer production – and sink a couple of beers in the process.

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Sweet before savoury

Head to Confiserie Schneider – a confectioner’s steeped in tradition on Davos square – and see how Monsteiner beer pralines are made according to an old recipe. After that, you’ll be whisked away to Monstein and the highest-altitude brewery in Switzerland. Here, you’ll take a culinary round trip featuring speciality Monsteiner beers and a platter of hearty bites.

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Five in one swoop

The Monsteiner beer hike is a truly special experience. Learn about Monsteiner beer and enjoy a few locally made treats on a hike through majestic alpine scenery.

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