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Brewing, fermentation, storage and bottling for more than 20 years

It all began in the autumn of 2000 when a lawyer, a hotelier, a building contractor and a graphic designer founded BierVision Monstein AG. Nine months later, the brewery started operations at the former alpine dairy in Monstein. Today, the company produces around 300,000 litres of beer, including a classic lager, an amber beer, a wheat beer and a dark lager. Monsteiner adds beers to its assortment periodically, with its seasonal beers proving especially popular.

2000 – 2008

Four beer enthusiasts founded BierVision Monstein AG in October 2000. Construction at the former alpine cheese dairy in Monstein started soon after, with the brewery opening in June 2001. Demand for the beer brewed in the mountains grew steadily. In 2005, BierVision Monstein AG started working with Coop, Gran Alpin and Bio Grischun. The brewery brewed its first “Bio-Knospe” beer – an organic label representing Bio Suisse, the main organic agriculture organisation in Switzerland – using barley grown in the Grisons at 1,000 m above sea level.

2008 – 2020

BierVision Monstein AG invested in a new bottling plant in 2008. However, the supplier filed for bankruptcy, there were serious flaws in the bottling plant and it never worked, which led to financial difficulties for the brewery. This called for the company to be reorganised and a cut in capital. The new bottling plant finally entered service in 2011. The storage cellar was expanded in 2017. The firm’s turnover exceeded CHF 1 million for the first time, and its “Steinbock” and “Munggabier” beer varieties won the silver medal at the first Swiss Beer Award ceremony. We received a major order from Engadinerbier in 2020.

2021 – present

The Monsteiner brand underwent a makeover: the logo was freshened up and every label received its own illustration. A few of the beer names also underwent changes. As part of the rebranding, the website was overhauled and an online shop was set up, allowing customers to order Monsteiner beer directly from the brewery. For the first time, customers also had the chance to design their own labels. Monsteiner also became a member of the Schweizerischen Brauerei-Verband.

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Fruity, full-bodied or zesty: there’s a Monsteiner beer to suit every palate and every occasion. Classic house beer, refreshing wheat beer, strong dark lager or full-flavoured amber beer: every type has its own character. A true masterclass in the art of brewing.

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