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What are brewer’s grains?

Left over after the end of the mashing process, brewer’s grains are the most important by-product of beer production. These delicious grains can enhance a host of culinary delicacies with their distinctive flavour.


Regional products

The Monsteiner brand works with various innovative firms in Davos that maintain a real sense of tradition to create a host of speciality products featuring brewer grains, including cheese, meat, bread and chocolate. This network of alpine entrepreneurs has received awards and prizes many times from regional and national organisations. Speciality grain products are available from our brewery, Ducan Hotel & Restaurant and selected companies in Davos.

Monsteiner speciality grain products

These speciality cheese and meat products have been enhanced with brewer’s grains to tantalise the taste buds. They’re the ideal accompaniment to our tasty beers.

Brewer’s cheese

This smoked cheese pickled in brewer’s grains turns every after-work drink into an occasion for celebration.

Brewer’s bacon

A meal wouldn’t be complete without our hearty brewer’s bacon.

Brewer’s jerky bites

Our brewer’s jerky bites get their hearty taste from brewer’s grains.

Brewer’s cut of beef

Spicy, aromatic and lean: that’s our brewer’s cut of beef.

Beer brewed by hand

There’s passion in every bottle of Monsteiner.

Our beers

Tempting beers and special brewer’s bites

Fruity, full-bodied or zesty: there’s a Monsteiner beer to suit every palate and every occasion. Classic house beer, refreshing wheat beer, strong dark lager or full-flavoured amber beer: every type has its own character. A true masterclass in the art of brewing.

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