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Add the taste of Monstein to your assortment

The beauty of Monstein on your premises

Want to sell Monsteiner beer?

Add a few speciality beers from the Grison Alps to your selection. There are several Monsteiner beers to choose from to suit every palate and every occasion. Every beer has its own character and tells its own story.

For hotels and restaurants: craft beer from the Grison Alps

Why look further afield? Top-quality craft beer is brewed right here in the Grison Alps, too. You’ll be right on trend with our Monsteiner speciality beers – available in bottles or by the barrel. Alongside our classic house beer, we have an assortment of innovative speciality beers.

For beverage distributors: class, not mass

Inspire your customers with something new: Monsteiner speciality beers are the perfect addition to your existing assortment of premium beers.

For retailers: a beer that causes quite the stir

Major retailers – including Coop, SPAR and Volg – already stock Monsteiner beer. Now it’s time for you to write the next chapter in this success story.

Local roots

Monsteiner brewery is located in the heart of Monstein, a village settled by the Walser people.

Our beers

Tempting beers and special brewer’s bites

Fruity, full-bodied or zesty: there’s a Monsteiner beer to suit every palate and every occasion. Classic house beer, refreshing wheat beer, strong dark lager or full-flavoured amber beer: every type has its own character. A true masterclass in the art of brewing.

Monsteiner takes its responsibility seriously

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