An indulgent winter with Monsteiner beer

Enjoy the snow! Now is the ideal time to get out there on your skis, snowboard or ice skates and enjoy the Grison Alps. Make a dizzying descent from the top of the mountain, feel the snow flying all around you and leave your mark on a perfectly groomed piste. Then take a seat on a chalet terrace and enjoy the sunshine with a fresh Monsteiner beer.

Monsteiner beer is brewed 1,625 metres above sea level in the Walser village of Monstein using crystal-clear spring water, Swiss hops and barley malt grown in the mountains. It’s a small brewery that produces great beer. Alongside Monsteiner’s classic house beer, the brewery has a speciality beer for every palate and every occasion: amber beer, wheat beer and dark lager along with various seasonal beverages. Like the Schneehaas, an unfiltered wheat bock beer with refreshing hoppy notes. It’s available now – and it’s just right for skiing fans.

No time to take a trip to the Grison Alps right now? That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the unique beer that hails from Monstein: as well as at chalets all over Grisons and selected retailers, Monsteiner speciality beers are now available from our online shop. You can order various speciality beers directly from the brewery and have them sent to your home address.

Embrace the winter, dream of snow-capped mountains, and envision pistes full of skiers – all from the warmth of your own living room.

A four o’clock beer

Delicious Monsteiner beer and a pleasant chat with our brewer: every Friday from 4 pm to 7 pm. You can also purchase beer directly from the brewery during your visit. The brewery itself is also open to visitors – and everyone is welcome.